Jean-Pierre Marois, owner of the establishment: “Having such a gem in the company’s colours at the foot of the front steps of Les Bains is a delight. It contributes to the journey through time and space that we provide our guests with. Because Citroën, it’s a brand whose cult models stir our imaginations, a French world which we can throw ourselves into and dream about, just like with Les Bains, an absolute icon of Parisian life.” 

The iconic car will stay at Les Bains for the next 3 years.

A capsule collection GS50 Citroën x Les Bains is available in our E-shop, limited edition of 50!

For the 50th birthday of GS, we’re proud to present Citroën GS by Tristan Auer for Les Bains.

Citroën entrusted a GS to the interior designer Tristan Auer to revamp and display it at the Retromobile show in Paris. With this transformation, Tristan Auer pays tribute to the human being, to comfort and to design, values which are in keeping with Citroën.

Tristan Auer: “It is an honour and a real treat for me to have been able to work on this Citroën GS, an extremely well designed and popular car, which I have been able to rediscover.” 

For this transformation, Citroën decided upon a GS 1015 Comfort model from 1972. 

Denis Huille, Citroën Heritage: “The restoration and the coordination of the transformation were led by the Citroën Heritage team, with in particular a complete mechanical overhaul at the Conservatoire Citroën. Under the artistic direction of Tristan Auer, it was also a complete reworking, both interior and exterior, which was carried out along with craftspeople: seats, dashboard, console, roof headlining, rear shelf, floor carpet, door trims and boot, not to mention the paintwork.” 

The top of the vehicle is covered by Alexander Kellas, brand designer of the Les Bains logo.

Check out the official video here!