On November 7, Jean-Pierre Marois welcomes German tailor Detlev Diehm to launch his bespoke service at Les Bains.

Legendary Parisian Hotel Les Bains is the home of bespoke design, where every detail is passionately commissioned to the best craftsmen and designers. 

The launch of a recurring residency of Diehm Bespoke at Les Bains. In the tradition of the trunk show, when tailors travel to the best hotels to see their tailors, but with a twist that is typically Les Bains. 

From the kick-off event in November, Mr. Diehm will reside at Les Bains at least four times a year with a vast fabric collection, for fittings and orders.

Launch party at Roxo bar on Thursday November 7 as of 7PM!

When owner and curator Jean-Pierre Marois met Detlev Diehm, a fashion designer and bespoke tailor from Munich, they discovered that they were two minds on the same wavelength. Both pursue coherence and style, sophistication is key with a contemporary feel.

« A Detlev suit seems to be made effortlessly, it’s incredibly confortable to wear. A piece of tailored art for a Dandy with a inimitable modern twist.  That’s how I lost my way to Savile Row.» Jean-Pierre Marois

Two worlds meet, the legendary hotel Les Bains offers a 5* setting, an alternative and offbeat luxury experience rooted in Parisian history. While Detlev breathes new life into a centuries old craftsmanship with a new approach on bespoke tailoring.

Pop art has been a milestone in the development of Diehm’s style, with icons of eccentricity like David Bowie and Andy Warhol, who were extraordinary dressers when it came to classic wardrobe. This friction between heritage and pop culture is what I aim to blend into a new approach to the tradition of bespoke tailoring.

Based in Munich, Detlev Diehm cleverly associates cultural influences, personalities and other inspirations. He matches and combines them with elegance and modernity, just like he cuts and assembles his fabrics. All the arts combined, rock, design, in a world where London rock/pop of Brian Ferry and David Bowie collide with the work of Italian designers from Achille Castiglioni to Ettoree Sottsass.

His clients are globetrotters, connected and multicultural. For example Roberto Alagna or Ariel Wizman, Roger Moore or Richard Geere, they represent businessmen, artists, travelers and are passionate about the pieces Detlev creates for and with them. They are custom-made art pieces for  singular men.

« My mission: is to use the craft of top-end tailoring to create a perfectly contemporary wardrobe for active individualists. On a philosophical level, my aim is to plant a purist, almost shintoist approach to clothing into the frame of modern living. » Detlev Diehm