Paris Fashion Tour: Exploring Secret Spots of the Trendy Le Marais 

The emblematic Le Marais in Paris is full of hidden gems for shopping lovers. Explore trendy boutiques that will satisfy your cravings for fashion and discovery.  


  • Chez Snow Bunny: the trendiest  

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Snow Bunny, a boutique offering a stunning selection of trendy clothes. A shopping experience where every piece tells a story of style and originality.  



  • Merci : the tastiest

Combine the pleasure of shopping with a coffee break at Merci.   

This boutique offers a selection of women’s and men’s clothing, design objects for the home and cosmetics. All in a bright, unique atmosphere. The boutique also features a dining area.   

Discover elegance and sophistication in the heart of Le Marais.  


Credits : Chez Snow Bunny  


  • Boutique Les Bains: the most mythical     

La Boutique Les Bains captures the spirit of a legendary place.   

A boutique, a gallery and a haven of inspiration, La Boutique Les Bains brings the House’s DNA to life through special series and exclusive collaborations between design, fashion and art.    

An unusual concept store located in front of the legendary Les Bains hotel, in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement.    

The boutique also presents the creations of Parisian Haute Parfumerie Les Bains Guerbois.    

Discover them in person at 2 rue du Bourg l’Abbé or online at 


  • Lapin Vintage: the most 70’s  

Lapin Vintage, a vintage gem with retro influences, brings you back to the 60s and 70s.   

Selecting unique pieces, this independent and responsible boutique immerses you in rock and roll, new wave and French elegance.


  • Vintage Paris: the most luxurious     

A favorite of Parisian actresses, stylists, singers and fashionistas, Vintage Paris embodies the very essence of Parisian luxury.   

This highly popular address offers a collection of vintage pieces that are both elegant and authentic. 


Credits : @lapin.vintage