Exploring the Legacy of Les Bains Douches in Paris 

Paris embodies a rich history that transcends the ages. Among its hidden treasures, Les Bains stands out as a timeless emblem of luxury and creativity.


A gem in Le Marais since 1885

Les Bains, located in Le Marais district, was originally the most famous private bath in Paris, frequented by eminent personalities of La Belle Époque and Impressionist painters such as Manet, Zola, Renoir and Proust. A sanctuary of well-being and beauty.

1972: The legendary Les Bains Douches club is born

In the 1970s, Les Bains Douches experienced a spectacular renaissance as an iconic club.

Legendary parties featured icons from the worlds of music, fashion and cinema, creating a magnetic aura that endures to this day: Saint-Laurent after-show dinners, Joy Division a live album, Warhol Saturday-night fever, Guetta an unknown resident at the decks, Prince impromptu show-cases, …



Credits : Foc Kan 

During this electric era, talented photographer Foc Kan was a privileged witness to these memorable nights. He captured unique moments with dazzling personalities such as David Bowie, Thierry Mugler, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Vanessa Paradis and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The beating heart of Parisian nightlife and international culture: for three decades, Les Bains Douches thrived.


Credits : Foc Kan 

2015 : Les Bains Paris, a living legacy


In 2015, Les Bains renewed into a 5* boutique hotel and revived the club and Spa.

The history of Les Bains Douches still resonates today through the walls of Les Bains Paris, steeped in the spirit of those who once walked these halls.


Much more than a 5* hotel, Les Bains Paris offers the experience of a new art of living, vibrant, connected and open to the world. Part concept store, part art gallery, part legendary party venue, part sultry spa, Les Bains embodies a multi-sensory brand.