What is that ? Simply the idea that a monumental work can also be small, if one changes the scale. The work explains its name, so it is fundamental to perceive what it means: the "chevalité" is a term of scholastic philosophy to describe the horses that exist, but also those which existed and those which will exist, it is the idea rather than the form.
We can not represent the horse, we must imagine a horse before seeing it. This is why the center of the sculpture forms an open portal.

An idea to be deepened during the inauguration (Oct 17th) of the artwork at Les Bains.

At the initiative of this artistic project, a partnership with Veuve Clicquot, which showcases the work of Olivier Urman.

The promise of a rewarding evening that is the perfect opportunity to exchange around art and its perception.

Did you say “chevalité”?

Meet the creator of the new artwork exhibited at the Chinese Salon of Les Bains (you can even discuss philosophy with him).

Developed in 2019 by the French artist Olivier Urman, La Chevalité is neither more nor less than a representation of the “minimal work”.