An unmistakable icon. The kepi. Lovechild born from an encounter between a flamboyant designer and a legendary temple of Parisian nightlife, this contemporary cap takes its inspiration from military headwear. One of a kind, it is also loaded with history – it is the very last model made by Chapeaux de France. We see it as a collaboration paying tribute to genuine savoir-faire and the artisans that contributed to the project. It is the latest in a long line created by Naomi Goodsir.

Constantly stirring up trouble, Naomi Goodsir revisits established concepts with a renegade imagination. Hats, bags, and other couture with a twist accessories. This Australian milliner, uniquely elegant and unreservedly charming, approaches her craft with a decided style. For over 10 years, she has designed and produced unique pieces, always respecting the savoir faire of millinery, using fine materials made by Entreprises du Patrimoine (EPV). Her motto: quality and method first.

Chapeaux de France The culmination of masterful creation and production: Chapeaux de France is the last manufacturer to cover every part of the hat-making process. From a simple bale of wool, through to the cone, and all the way to shaping in order to create each piece. The result is simply excellence and, bien sur, Made in France.

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