The idea for Les Simonnet at les Bains project was born when Curator Gilbert Kann met Jean-Pierre Marois, owner of Les Bains. After realizing they had similar tastes, sharing a passion for contemporary art and design, they set out together to find an artistic project to bring to the hotel.

Gilbert instantly thought of the works by the Simonnets and organized a meeting at their farm/studio in the Loiret. This was followed by the Simonnets’ staying at Les Bains. It was love at first sight. For the artists, ardent supporters of “art in the middle of everyone the idea of exhibiting, as they put it, “in a unique architectural setting located in the heart of the capital, in a place rich with history, frequented by a highly diverse clientele and already endowed with a solid presence of contemporary art, allows us to reach everyone and share the creation in a unique way.”

For Jean-Pierre Marois, there was no need to look elsewhere: the Simonnets at Les Bains was a given, considering their energy, good humor, color schemes, the playful element and the power of their work.
The works can be found everywhere: on the porch, in the lounges, on the patios, in Roxo (the bar/restaurant), on the terraces, in the corridors, the bedrooms, the gallery-boutique, etc. The Polymorphs take up residence, totems, small pieces and other monumental pieces such as the famous/infamous chair measuring 4.5 meters high, for which they were found guilty of “height and whiteness”
At Les Bains, looking out over the hotel from a second-story terrace, it is right at home.