An exclusive, tailor-made collaboration signed Les Bains X Diehm Bespoke 



  • Inauguration of the Sartorial Club: Private dinner and intimate cocktail at Les Bains Paris

Les Bains Paris’ soft lights recently illuminated two memorable nights, celebrating the exclusive inauguration of the Sartorial Club. An informal club dedicated to lovers of Grande Mesure.   

An outstanding private dinner followed by a cocktail party in Les Bains’ Salon Secret created the perfect atmosphere to unveil a unique fabric, the result of a collaboration between Les Bains and the renowned Diehm Bespoke. 

  • An exceptional evening from Le Salon Chinois to the Roxo 

Le Salon Chinois, a mysterious, cosy boudoir featuring 19th-century artworks, hosted the first evening of this exclusive collaboration.   

A few privileged guests Privileged guests such as Marc Lambron of the Académie Française, Christophe Pradere, facetious journalist Ariel Wizman, designer Arthur AVELLANO and Maître Alexandre Giquello, President of Drouot, were able to discover the Diehm Bespoke x Les Bains fabric and attend a sensorial workshop on the three iconic fragrances of the Parisian Niche Perfumery House Les Bains Guerbois.   

The evening ended at the Les Bains restaurant, the Roxo, where guests were delighted by Chef Bruno Grossi’s creative and multi-influenced dishes.   

  • A very private cocktail reception at Le Salon Secret:   

Between the Parisian moldings, alcoves and parquet flooring of Les Bains’ Salon Secret, the inaugural cocktail party of this exceptional collaboration took place.   

Detlev Diehm was able to reveal to a few privileged guests the Sartorial art process, as well as the fabric designed especially for our legendary Parisian institution.   

  • Les Bains and Diehm Bespoke: a long-lasting collaboration and friendship

Many years of friendship and collaboration unite Master Tailor Detlev Diehm and Jean-Pierre Marois, owner of Les Bains.  

Every year, Diehm Bespoke transforms the establishment into a magical place with his trunk shows, where the designer exhibits unique fabrics and materials as in the palaces of the olden days, offering insiders the chance to have measurements taken to acquire one of his exceptional creations. This solid and lasting relationship has laid the foundations for a deep and sincere artistic alliance.  

  • Art Sartorial: An Ode to Timeless Elegance   

Beyond sumptuous fabrics and impeccable cuts, the collaboration between Les Bains and Diehm Bespoke underlines the importance of Sartorial Art. 

It’s much more than just a matter of clothes, it’s a philosophy that transcends the ephemera of fashion. Sartorial art, highlighted by this exclusive collaboration, becomes a fusion of Detlev Diehm’s meticulous haute-measure craftsmanship and the historic aura of Les Bains Paris.  

Every thread, every detail tells a story of excellence, expertise and an unwavering love of craftsmanship. 


Photo Credits : et @lentzwill